Frequently Asked Questions.

What sets Marine Tech Detailing apart from other detailers?

Our commitment to quality standards drives us to continue improvement through education,experience, and innovation.Marine Tech understands that the nature of use, care, storage, and exposure conditions change.

By integrating education with experience, we ensure not only our readiness to address the unique conditions of your needs with appropriate and valuable solutions, but also our continued improvement.

How can I save by hiring Marine Tech to maintain my boat?

Marine Tech Detailing is a strong advocate of regular preventative maintenance as the most effective time- & cost-saver, in addition to boat tarps/covers. This will prevent a high priced restoration further down the line. If your maintenance schedule has lapsed for some months (and depending on how it’s been stored & used recently) it’s time to hurry and catch up to prevent permanent damage. If over a year or so has passed, or your vessel has experienced heavy wear without subsequent maintenance, it’s best to call a professional for a heavy wash, polymer sealant or ceramic coating.

What are the benefits of having Ceramic Pro, or a Polymer Sealant on the boat, instead of a traditional carnauba wax?